Sunday, August 21, 2011

Providence 365- week 34

Welcome to week 34 of Providence 365. Here in Colorado, the sun is shining and we’re looking forward to another beautiful day in the Lord.

Today’s bible verse is a favorite of mine. WHATEVER!

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

My first thought when I hear WHATEVER is when I hear it mumbled by a sassy teen. Deep down, I know that it means, “I know you’re right Mom, but I need to express a little independence”

In the “urban dictionary” – the definition is as follows: used in an argument to admit that you are wrong without admitting it so the argument is over. (my sassy teen)

In a more traditional dictionary, it mean: ‘anything or everything that’ or ‘no matter what’ (our focus today)

Look at the last line of Philippians 4:8 – THINK ABOUT SUCH THINGS. The bible instructs use where our thoughts should be – no matter what.

Do you ever have those days where things are not going quite right? Or those days where you are anxious – about everything? What about times where you are struggling with a personal decision or choice? We can get buried in our own negative thoughts. And our own negative thoughts contribute to our confusion, anxiety and sadness. However, when we focus on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy –our thoughts become positive, uplifting and godly. WHATEVER!

This week – when your thoughts are buried – read this verse – and think about WHATEVER! It’s amazing what a shift in focus can do. We would love to see a layout using WHATEVER….whatever you care to share.

Here is wordart to get you started. Post your layout in the Providence 365 layout here at Faith Sisters and let us know here in the forum.

On another note, I have a personal request for all prayer warriors. I have a very special friend whose young baby is back in the hospital. The doctors have yet to identify what is wrong. Please lift baby G in prayer – for his personal health (and for strength and peace for his family). Thank You!

Till next week! May your week be blessed - WHATEVER!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 1,2,3 Scrap!

Happy Third Thursday! This is pammie~k from ‘by the Shore designs’. Welcome Back to 1,2,3 Scrap! ~ a scrapbook challenge where I provide you with three ‘requirements’ and you take it from there!

This month’s 1,2,3 Scrap ! challenge has a strong focus on COLOR!

I love color (bright bold colors are my favorites, pastels come in a close second) One of my favorite internet sites is! If you have not checked it out, it is a fabulous tool. Bookmark this site and explore all of the fabulous color options that are available! I stumbled on Kuler a few years ago and it is definitely a keeper!

Black and White – as much as I love color, I also like the classic look of black and white. Converting photos to black and white is a wonderful approach to take when you have the perfect paper and elements for a layout, but the color does not necessarily go with your photos. On the flip side, when I have a photo that is color rich – I might use black and white papers so the photo takes center stage.

Let’s move on to our challenge….

August 1,2,3 Scrap!

1. Choose your favorite base color on Kuler – then use one of the following color ‘rules’
a. Analogous – base color with adjacent hues
b. Monochromatic – one color with varying intensity and lightness
c. Triad – three colors from around the traditional color wheel
d. Complementary – two opposing colors on the traditional color wheel
e. Shade – subtle variations of the base color/hue

You choose the base color and let Kuler help identify the additional colors in your palette -

Try to use only paper and elements that fall within your selected color palette.

2. Convert your photos to black and white. If you wish, you may pop the color of one item in your photo – as long as it is within your color palette identified in requirement one.

3. And your final requirement is to take color away from your title (think transparent or vellum) – use a bold text for your title and the color white – reduce the opacity as low as you feel comfortable so that you can ‘see thru’ the letters. In Photoshop (or PSE) I add a white stroke to the text on the layer above or below to add a bit of definition around the letters

If you have questions, please ask . (I know my directions might be a bit confusing) Give it a whirl! For those that complete the challenge and post your layout no later than September 15th in the Faith Sisters 1,2,3 Scrap! Gallery and the 1,2,3 Scrap Forum! (here) I will send you one of ’by the Shore designs’ layered templates or quick pages of your choice. Just send me a private message at Faith Sisters with your email address and your template or quickpage choice and I will email it directly over to you. I will work on this challenge in the next few days and post my own layout (back to school week is here and I am up to my eyeballs in number 2 pencils, school paper, backpacks, etc)

Be sure to come back next month – Third Thursday – for another edition of 1,2,3 Scrap! Until then, have a wonderful ‘rest of summer’.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Providence 365-Week 32

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Too often during the course of the day, we take for granted all of the blessings we have. But we should give thanks – our Lord is good! He loves us and He has blessed us beyond measure.

The challenge this week is to look around you, and try to identify as many blessings as you can. Create a layout (either in words or pictorial) of each of these blessings…. the more the better!

Here are a few I will be using on my own layout – perhaps these will provide you with inspiration as you identify your own blessings.

Dave, Shannon, Georgie, Mom, Dad, home, food, water, freedom to worship, heat, air conditioning, vehicles, employment, refrigerator, stove, education, free will, (get the idea…..?)

Here is a link to word art to help you with this challenge. Click >>>>; HERE
And as you work on this weeks’ challenge – give THANKS TO OUR LORD! Keep your completed layout handy and use it a reminder of just how blessed we are. (You may also consider creating this ‘layout’ as a printable file that can be matted and framed and proudly displayed for a gentle visual reminder of all the things you are thankful for) When you are done – please upload your layout in the Providence 365 Gallery at Faith Sisters and share the link with us. I cannot wait to see how many blessings you can identify! (I know my blessings are never ending….)

Wishing you a fantabulous week as you uncover hidden blessings!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spraguefest 2011

This time last year I had just arrived home from a fabulous week in Chicago - enjoying the CHA Supershow and SPRAGUEFEST 2010. What an awesome time.

The CHA Supershow (Craft and Hobby Association) was an awesome experience. So many wonderful crafts to try (and buy - heehee) I got to finally meet and spend time with online friends that I have known for a few years. Shown here is my friend Kelly (from Simply Kelly Designs) and our good friend Aprile. While we had never met 'in real life' before this event, we had a great time - it was like we had known each other for years!

Spraguefest 2010 was simply awesome. The crew at planned an incredible time for us in the windy city. Digital classes, a walking tour through Chicago and wonderful dining experiences. Here is a picture me of with Jessica Sprague. i was thrilled to finally meet her (after taking so many awesome digital classes from her online) She is down to earth and a fabulous gal.

That was one year ago - flash forward to today - I am 50 pounds lighter and my wallet is lighter too! I have booked my airfare and registered for SPRAGUEFEST 2011 - this year it is being held in LasVegas in October. My bags are packed...I'm ready to go....(okay, not literally - but I am soooo excited)
Hope to see you in Vegas. Here are the details for Spraguefest 2011.

Habe a great the Shore

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